3801 Coco Grove Avenue  
Miami, Florida 33133
2010 FRG State Convention Issue    


     FRG President's Message:  The 2010 FRG State Convention is just around the corner and it's not too early to start making your Convention arrangements.  Aside from the Pizza party on Thursday evening in the Hospitality Room, sponsored by Lisa Kreshmer, and the Horse Shoe Pitching contest on the beach, coordinated by Bill Burgess, on Friday morning, we are attempting to also have a tour of the Daytona Beach Talking Book Library, on Thursday.  This additional activity is designed to make the Convention more exciting.  We are attempting to make transportation arrangements through the TB Library.  If that does not work, we hope that several BV's in attendance will have cars to assist with transportation.  The TB Library is only several miles from the hotel and it should not take more than a few minutes to get there.  In recent years, BV's have attended the State Convention Business Meeting without registering with the Convention.  That situation did not permit a check as to whether or not they were Members (M) or Associate Members (AM) in good standing.  The following policy has been drafted by the FRG Board of Directors for use at the 2010 FRG Convention Business Meeting.  It will also be presented to the membership at the Convention, for consideration as an Amendment to the FRG By-Laws.  Those M and AM in good standing desiring to vote on the     floor during the FRG Convention Business meeting, must adhere to the following                  policy:  1. Those individuals desiring to attend all of the functions at the FRG Convention should register with the FRG Secretary by sending their registration fee not less than 10 days prior to the start of the Convention.  2.  Those individuals planning to attend only the FRG Annual Business Meeting shall send in their name to the Secretary not less than 10 days prior to the start of the Convention.  3.  At the start of the Business meeting      ,The Secretary will have a current list of all Members and Associate Members in good standing, who have sent in their registration fee and/or who have sent in their name for the purposes of attending only the FRB Business Meeting.  4.  The Secretary will be responsible for this official roll call list which will consist of only the Members and Associate Members in good standing who have been checked out in accordance with the BVA National data base.  Only those M and Am on that list will be permitted to vote.  5.  Any unusual circumstances that may arise and all issues not covered by items 1 through 4, shall be taken up by the FRG Board of Directors and their decision shall be considered final.  This is only a policy.  If a M or AM approaches the Secretary before the Business Meeting starts, with a valid membership card, his/her name will be added to the voting list.  On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, we wish you all a safe and enjoyable trip to and at the FRG State Convention.  Terry King FRG President

     FRG Auxiliary President's Message:  It's that time again.  Time for fun on the beach and socializing with friends.  As you know, the FRG has extended the activities at the Convention with events on Thursday.  I am looking forward to participating in all of the events and hope that all of you do too.  Remember Saturday morning is our annual FRG Auxiliary Business meeting  and most important, when we elect who will lead the FRG Auxiliary for the next year.  Please think seriously of running for a position either on the Board or one of the Committee Chairpersons.  If I can do it, you most certainly can.  I am looking forward to having all of the family members and friends of the BVA at our meeting.  We need new ideas to keep the FRG Auxiliary the best in the whole BVA.  So, come on in and see what we can do this year.  Also, we could use a few prizes for our grand raffle.  If any of you could manage to donate a little something, it would be greatly appreciated.  Joanne King, FRG Auxiliary President.


     FRG State Convention:  The Florida Regional Group State Convention will be held at the Plaza Ocean Club Hotel , 640 North Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida  32118.  The formal meeting will begin at 3 PM on Friday, April 30. and will conclude on Sunday morning, May 2.  The Plaza Ocean Club is a 190 room hotel directly on the Atlantic Ocean.  Your Convention Committee secured the low rates of only $79 per day, for 1 to 4 persons per room.  All rooms have refrigerators and micro waves.  In addition all rooms have ocean view balconies.  These  low convention rates will be in effect, on a space available basis,3 days before and/or 3 days after the Convention.  So, you may come early or stay late for an extended vacation.  The low Convention rates are guaranteed for reservations made on or before April 13th.  Reservations made after April 13th, will be at the low Convention rate but only on a space available basis.  There will be another group at the hotel that weekend, so rooms will be at a premium.  We urge you to make your reservations very soon to insure your accommodations.  You may cancel your reservation and  receive a full refund of your deposit, if you cancel 24 hours before noon on the day you were scheduled to arrive.  You will find a Hotel Reservation Slip at the end of this Newsletter.  Please clip it off and send it to the Hotel along with your check for one night's room rate and tax (the Tourist Development Tax is presently 12.5%) or you may use your credit card number to guarantee your reservation.  Other than your deposit,  the hotel will not accept checks for your remaining charges.  You must have a credit card or cash.  The Hotel toll free reservation number  is (800) 874-7420.  There are 22 Hotels using that reservation number, so  be sure to specify the Plaza Ocean Club Hotel.  In addition, refer to the Blinded Veterans Association-Florida Regional Group as the group which arranged the above indicated rates.    


     Convention Registration Fee:  The Convention Registration Fee will be $35 per person (for each BV, family member, or friend attending).  However, an early registration fee of only $30

per person will be in effect for registration received on or before April 13th.  The registration fee will cover general Convention activities, including the dinner-dance on Friday night, the Hospitality Room, and Banquet on Saturday night.  Please make your check payable to the BVA and send it to:  3801 Coco Grove Avenue, Miami, FL 33133.  Please include the first and last name of each person registering, so that we will be able to make name tags prior to the start of the Convention.  It will be helpful if you will send your registration fee in advance.

This will greatly speed up the late registration at the Convention.  Remember to send your hotel reservation slip and deposit to the Plaza Ocean Club in Daytona Beach and your Convention Registration Fee to the BVA in Miami.


     Convention Schedule:  As indicated in President King's message above, several activities are being planned prior to the formal start of the Convention Friday afternoon, April 30.  A proposed trip to the Daytona Talking Book Library is tentatively planned Thursday afternoon.  Thursday evening the Hospitality Room will be open from 6 to 10 PM.  A Pizza Party will be held there from 6 to 8 PM.  For those coming to the Convention early, this is an opportunity to socialize and have a good time.  The fourth annual Horseshoe Pitching Contest will be held at 9 on Friday morning, on the beach in front of the hotel.   The Convention Late Registration Desk will open at 1 PM on Friday, April 30.  If you have not pre-registered, you may pay your late Registration at that time.  If you have pre-registered, stop by the Registration table in the Hotel Lobby and pick up your name tags and Convention Program. 


     The Convention will begin at 3 PM on Friday, April 30 with an Informational Seminar for Blinded Veterans and their families.  At 7 PM on Friday evening, a Dinner-Dance will be held in the Ballroom.  This will be an evening for  good food, good times, good fun, and good music. 

     The Annual Florida Regional Group Business Meeting will be held at 9 AM on Saturday, May 1, in the Ballroom.  At that meeting, reports regarding FRG activities for the past year will be made.  A legislative up-date will be presented.  Plans for FRG activities for the coming year will be discussed.  Any  proposed amendments to the FRG By-Laws, will be considered.  The elections for FRG Officers and  District Directors for the coming year will be held.  The election and instruction of a Delegate and Alternate Delegates to the BVA National Convention in Washington, D.C., will also be held.  Proposed resolutions for presentation to the BVA National Convention will be considered.  All Members (M) and Associate Members (AM) in


 (Print out the hotel reservation slip on the othe end of this newsletter and send it to the Plaza Ocean Club) 


Florida are encouraged to attend this Business Meeting and assist in planning the direction the FRG will take in the coming year.


     The FRG Auxiliary will hold its annual meeting in the Osprey Room at 9 AM on Saturday.

FRG Auxiliary Officers are planning their meeting for the State Convention.   Spouses, family

members, and friends of the  BVA should plan to attend this FRG Auxiliary meeting.  At that time, the Auxiliary will plan their activities and elect Officers for the coming year. 


     At 2 PM on Saturday, a second Informational Seminar will be held.  The Convention will close with the Installation Banquet on Saturday evening.  There will be a period of socializing in the Hospitality Room before and after the Banquet.


     FRG District Meeting:  Prior to the FRG State Convention, a FRG Southeast District meeting will be held at the Tropical Acres Steakhouse 2500 Griffin road in Ft. Lauderdale, on Saturday, February 27.  The meeting will begin at 11:30 AM with a period of Socializing followed by lunch at noon.  For lunch you may have either Sliced Sirloin of Beef or Stuffed Breast of Chicken and salad, potatoes, vegetable, rolls and butter, iced tea or coffee and dessert.  The price of the lunch will be $5 per person, including tax and tip.  FRG President Terry King will preside at the meeting following lunch.  The restaurant has asked us to notify them as to the number who will be attending and the type of meal desired by February 24.  Please make your reservations prior to that date by writing to George Stocking at:  3801 Coco Grove Avenue, Miami, FL  33133 or call:  (305) 446-8008.  In West Palm Beach, call FRG Southeast District Director Chuck Kays (407)873-7993.  You may also call:  Roberta Goldstein, Miami VAMC VIST Coordinator, at (305) 575-7000 ex 3607, April Barnes , Broward VA Outpatient Clinic VIST Coordinator, at:  (954) 625-8730, or Jackie Vanbomel West Palm Beach VAMC VIST Coordinator, at:  (561) 422-5260.  Jackie Vanbomel and Roberta Goldstein are attempting to arrange transportation to the meeting from Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties, respectively.  This transportation will leave from the West Palm Beach and Miami VAMC.  If you need such transportation, contact Jackie or Roberta.


Hotel Reservation Slip

Blinded Veterans Association                                      Plaza Ocean Club Hotel
Florida Regional Group                                                 640 North Atlantic Avenue
State Convention                                                            Daytona Beach, Florida  32118  

Name____________________________________ Telephone no. ___________________________

Street                                                                                            Date of            Date of
Address__________________________________________Arrival_______  depart__________

City______________________________________________ State______Zip__________

Complete this Reservation Slip and send it with your check in the amount of $79  plus 12.5% tax or your credit
card number to the Plaza Ocean Club Hotel before April 13th to guarantee your reservation.  Or call, Toll Free
(800) 874-7420.  Be sure to notify the hotel you will attend the BVA FRG Convention at the Plaza Ocean Club
Hotel, to insure the low Convention rates.